Monday, March 29, 2010

Babylon (Babble on...)

It's about ten minutes to OMFG:thirty and sleep is nowhere in the vicinity of my neighborhood.  I'm snuggled up on the couch under several layers of warm, fleecy blankets.  I make my own fleece blankets--double layered and extra long so that my tall ass can properly wrap up within them--it's truly the only way to go.

This is a new experience for me.  Usually my writing keeps me tethered to my desk/table/art station/drop area for all things mail and school related but tonight I am typing away on a net book borrowed from my almost eleven-year-old nephew.  He invited us (well, technically he invited the zilla but since I still control the car I was granted an invite) over to watch Wrestlemania 26.  Yeah.  That's what I said.  In any case, it only took a few pleading words before I crumbled.  I'm a complete sucker for my niece and nephews.

In any case...

While there I discovered his prized net book was not working properly and took it upon myself to start tinkering with it--I do loves to tinker.  Several hours--and one blood oath--later, he allowed me to take it home to finish my tinkering.  A little file back up onto a flash drive, several rounds with Ad-ware and Spybot, an AVG install, and a switch from IE to Firefox and presto! his little net book is good as new.

Of course, now that I have it for the night, I feel obligated to try it out.  All in the name of testing, of course. :)

I must say that it is convenient to lounge under my blankies, sipping my wine, the Moo purring contentedly but I can already tell that a net book is not for me.  It's a bit *too* small for my needs.  More so than ever I am sold on the idea of a notebook.  A Mac, to be precise.  Oh, I know!  I can already feel the Mac hate bubbling to the surface. :)  I could get along on almost any notebook.  J., on the other hand, would greatly benefit from a Mac.  Garage Band, alone, makes it entirely worthwhile.  And since we will probably only have a single notebook between us; it only makes sense to buy one that he can get the most use out of.  I qualify for the educator's discount (yay, teachers!) and, if I can show I use it for school, it will be a nice little write off next year.  I'm still saving my pennies, but I hope to have one before the start of the next school year.

Speaking of computers and such, I purchased a new monitor this week.  My old monitor, a Dell circa 2003, finally left this earthly plain.  It isn't anything flashy.  Just a nice little--well, not so little, 23 inches of widescreen wonder--monitor that gave the zilla a case of the squees.  Evidently Club Penguin looks pretty sick on a widescreen.

I must admit that it makes streaming movies and videos much easier on my poor, beleaguered eyes.  I watched/listened to the entire first season of LA Ink whilst I cleaned this weekend.  I have such mad love for that show.  The zilla is positively dying to visit High Voltage during our LA trip.  She is quite the Kat Von D fan.  She even creates various scenes and "pieces" using her stick on tattoos.  Her current labor of love is the laying out of her full sleeve.  The pieces are all meticulously arranged for optimal placement.  She is just waiting for the end of the school year to rock it out.  Ever since she came in sporting five different tattoos, one in the center of her throat, the school has asked that she be a bit more conservative in her application.  The zilla is a sport and takes it all in stride.  We both know she is counting down the days until she can get herself inked for good.  And she is none to happy that my tattoo shop of choice will not let her in to watch while I get mine done.  Some things are just meant to remain a mystery.

Dum de dum...

I am fantastically behind on writing a piece for a local autism news magazine and blog.  It's nothing big, and obviously nothing paid, but I miss writing things which are a little more structured.  Sometimes I read my own horribly rambling blogs and can't believe that I can churn out a piece of proper writing.  My journalism professors would cry to see what has become of me.  Promising future, my ass. ;)  In any case, the piece centers around autism and marriage.  Heh. Obviously someone has a sense of humor.  I have no doubt that I can write something that enumerates all the ways to keep your marriage afloat after receiving an autism diagnosis.  The truth of the matter is that autism had very little to do with the undoings of my marriage, but this is neither the time nor place for that story.  And, it makes all involved feel better if we can just lie a little and say that it did.

I suppose I should call it a night.  J. is blowing up my phone and it is quite unusual for me to be up this late.  I am all about making use of this extra talk time.  I very much relish the idea of living in the same time zone.  We're under the three month mark.  And that is a very good thing.


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