Monday, March 29, 2010

Sloth may be deadly, but it feels so good...

Woke up this morning in an absolute panic that I had overslept my alarm by a mile.

No such worries.

It is that wonderful time of year known as spring break.  ::sigh::

The zilla's spring break was last week, of course.  Isn't that how it always happens?  Grrrrr!  Still, it was amazing to wake up at 7:00 versus my usual 5:00 wake up time.  My alarm, she is a cruel mistress. 

I told myself that I was going to stick to a schedule.  I would not just laze my days away.  But the weather outside is so cold and damp and my flannel jammies are so warm.  I am no match for the sweet siren's song of my couch and a steaming mug of coffee.

There is much to be done this week, for certain.  But this morning... This morning I am giving into my baser urges of slothfulness and curling up with the Moo.



  1. Did you know that on the list of people who list 'good coffee' among their interests, you appear between a woman whose 'most important' interest is 'bringing glory to God and raising my children for Him,' and another woman whose first two interests are 'God, my husband.'??

    I took the middle way.

  2. Heh. I did not. I find that a bit amusing since I tend to trend towards being an agnostic. Still, whatever gods may be out there--I am fairly certain that I thank him/her/them for good coffee. ;)


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