Sunday, May 30, 2010

So much stuff...

Just a quick break from the multitude of trips I am making from one storage space (in my old town) to my new, much closer, space. Originally, I thought I would be doing this with a decent sized SUV. Two trips--maybe just one?--and done. Instead, I am forced to load my poor li'l bug to capacity and make the trek back and forth. The plus in all this? A local radio station is playing nothing but music from the '80s which makes loading up the car and the subsequent drive much more enjoyable. :)

I know! I know! Some of you will say that if it doesn't fit in my apartment, I should toss it. I would love to, but I simply cannot. My storage space is filled almost entirely with books and a few miscellaneous item that carry entirely too much sentimental value. I don't have room enough in the mini-pad to display them so they are much safer in storage...for now. Not to mention that J's plethora of instruments are not going to fit in our apartment so they must make do by hanging out with my books.

Times like these I really miss my old house. I spent all those years filling the shelves of the spare bedroom with books. Only to banish them to a small (at least the smallest space offered), but temperature controlled room. My poor books. But I have faith that, in the next year or two, we will be settled in a house of our own and my "book room" will once again flourish. :)

Alrighty. Off I go (again). Perhaps a quick stop by the OP mall to snap up a bathing suit. The pool is open and the temps are soaring. I think an early evening swim might be just the thing to round out this very busy (and rather hot) day.

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