Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're gettin' the band back together...

If you've known me for any length of time then you know of my deep, steadfast love for New World Spirits.  NWS was (is, I suppose!) a St. Louis band that I followed--no, literally, I followed them--back in my Carbondale days. ::huge nostalgic sigh::  I was so sad when they disbanded (many years ago) and have been watching Google like a hawk for any NWS news.  Like I said, I seriously loved them.  Seriously.  Today, I added them to my playlist and what should happen to appear but a little youtube clip of a recent St. Louis show--that I missed!  All horrors from missing said show aside, I am beyond thrilled to see my boys back together and making new music.  I've added them on fb and twitter and am eagerly awaiting news of another show.  Road tripping to St. Louis is old hat, and I am definitely down with showing them some love.  Though, I fear my ability to toss back Jager shots with them may have waned in our off time.  Oh, the Jager many blurry memories--compliments of a liquor that tastes like original NyQuil. ;)

Those NWS boys have a youtube channel


A new website


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